Al-Sharkia Household Appliances Manufacturing Co .

-  Al-Sharkia is the first Egyptian Company to produce Free-Standing Gas Cookers using advanced technology.

-  Al-Sharkia has been associated with Tecnogas Italy since 1985.

-  Al-Sharkia Factory is located at the 10th of Ramadan City, and is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment available for the industry.

-  Al-Sharkia is proud to be the first Egyptian Company to obtain ISO 9001 - Quality Certificate.

-  Tecno-Tecnogas is the first company to produce gas cookers with a modernized Safety Device System embedded within the cookers. Such a system immediately cuts off any gas supply in the event of not having a flame present.

-  Al-Sharkia is one the largest Companies in Egypt exporting products to Arab Countries near and far.

-  Al-Sharkia is among the biggest players in the distribution of Gas Cookers in the local Egyptian market.

-  Al-Sharkia offers products in a variety of sizes (55×55cm, 60×60cm, 50×80cm, 60×80cm and 60×90cm), including many models such as: Rustic, Smile, Mirrors, Extra, Chef and Jumbo.